Holistic Psychotherapy in Highland Park Los Angeles

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Janell Cox is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Highland Park Therapy serving the Northeast neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Contact 323.509.4638 or  hello@highlandparktherapy.com  for an appointment. 

Contact 323.509.4638 or hello@highlandparktherapy.com for an appointment. 

Janell Cox

associate marriage and family therapist (#102395)

Janell approaches therapy with a desire to help others become and express their most authentic selves. She brings a passionate, nurturing, humorous and grounded perspective to the therapeutic relationship, both soul and heart centered. As a trained yoga teacher, she holds an awareness of the mind-body connection, combined with a working knowledge of meditation, breath work and mindfulness. In this way, Janell works somatically as well as intuitively, aiming to have her clients connect with their own truth from an integrated and holistic way.  

From her work with Off the Mat, Into the World®, Janell is on a learning path of bringing an awareness of social justice and diversity into her work. She is trained in the treatment of eating disorders, addiction, co-dependency and recovery. Because of her creative and theatrical background, Janell infuses the love of art, expression and creativity into her work with others. 

Originally from Chicago, Janell received her BA in theatre arts from Indiana University Bloomington, and her MA in clinical psychology from Antioch University with a focus on Spiritual and Depth Psychology. From there she went on to receive her practicum training at the Center for Individual and Family Counseling in North Hollywood.  She is now working towards licensure under the supervision and employment of Jennifer Walters, MFT.