Holistic Psychotherapy in Highland Park Los Angeles
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We offer holistic therapy in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles also serving Eastside neighborhoods including Silverlake, Echo Park, Glendale, Pasadena, Eagle Rock and Downtown.

You have within you an innate ability to feel whole. Let us help you find it. 

You want to feel better and don't know how. Maybe finding the right therapist has felt daunting. You want someone who listens but who is also active and direct, willing to name the things that might be holding you back from living the life you want to have.

You've found the right place.

At Highland Park Holistic Therapy we practice depth psychotherapy and know that the beliefs and stories you hold unconsciously and deep within are creating and shaping your outside life. We help you discover what these beliefs are and how to shift them toward health. 

We provide authentic, direct and nurturing support as we find ways to see to the heart of the issue. Here, every part of who you are is welcome - all parts for us to explore, help and bring healing to.

An openness to this kind of therapy offers an opportunity to deepen the experience of your own life, to find relief, joy and expansion in the relationship with yourself and others. 


At Highland Park Holistic Therapy we hold space for the totality of the person and their experiences, for all aspects of your experience - the physical, the spiritual and the psychological. This means we take an integrative approach to healing. We aim to bring consciousness to every part of you.

We do not view a person in pain as someone who is broken that needs fixing. You are not just a diagnosis and a prescription. Rather, the symptoms that brought you here, like depression and anxiety, we see as signals that something in your psyche needs tending to and cared for. Old and unconscious ways of coping are no longer working for you and may in fact be causing pain. Instead of disowning what is hurting inside, or attacking yourself for how you feel, together we will compassionately turn toward it to find out what it needs. This kind of exploration and internal integration brings about lasting relief, improved relationships, and whole person well-being. 


We are conveniently located at 4809 York Boulevard in the heart of Highland Park, Los Angeles. We are near the Northeast neighborhoods of Los Angeles including Silverlake, Echo Park, Glendale, South Pasadena, Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington and Glassell Park. 

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