Holistic Psychotherapy in Highland Park Los Angeles

Jenny Walters Psychotherapist

Jenny Walters is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Highland Park Therapy serving the Northeast neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Contact 323.509.4638 or  hello@highlandparktherapy.com  for an appointment.

Contact 323.509.4638 or hello@highlandparktherapy.com for an appointment.

Jennifer Walters

Clinical Director, Marriage and Family Therapist (license 94715)

Jenny believes in working therapeutically from a place of deep compassion and directness. She is known for her warmth, groundedness and humor as she helps clients understand what is holding them in pain, arming them with tools and a sense of their own agency in order to find and feel relief. She utilizes mindfulness and a holistic approach that honors the relationship between the mind and the body. This approach gets to the heart of the matter and allows client and therapist to collaboratively create lasting change. 

Specialization includes working with the adult children of narcissist and borderline parents as well as highly sensitive people and empaths. Jenny works to empower her clients with resilience and an understanding of their emotions and sensitivities so they may utilize this valuable part of themselves to create the life they want to live.

Jenny earned her MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, with an emphasis in depth psychology, and went on to complete intensive depth psychological training in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approaches. She also holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and works with many creative arts professionals and the issues they encounter. Additional professional training includes somatic experiencing, emotionally focused couples therapy and mindfulness based stress reduction. 

Jenny is the founder and clinical director of Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy and serves as the chief supervisor for the clinical team. She is also a contributing teacher for the Simple Habit app, a mindfulness meditation platform. Her latest series for Simple Habit can be found here: