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Nicole Sciarrillo

Contact 323.509.4638 or  hello@highlandparktherapy.com  to schedule a free phone consultation.

Contact 323.509.4638 or hello@highlandparktherapy.com to schedule a free phone consultation.

Nicole sciarrillo

Associate clinical Social Worker (#ASW90028)

Nicole brings a non-judgmental and strengths based approach to her work as a therapist. She embraces the philosophy that clients have the answers inside of themselves while the therapist’s role is to provide support and insight to this process of discovery. She believes that no matter what a client has been through, they have developed strengths to help them survive and bring themselves to therapy. 

Nicole works from a psychodynamic perspective, meaning the relationship between client and therapist is where so much of the healing occurs.  She also incorporates breath work to assist clients with focusing on the here and now.  Nicole’s supportive and nurturing approach to therapy helps clients develop self-acceptance and emotional regulation skills.  Clients are then more able to harness their inner-strengths and achieve their goals.

After a career in advertising, Nicole answered the call to become a therapist and received her Masters in Social Work from NYU going on to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York state. During her studies she focused on addiction, an issue that affects so many people directly and indirectly. When addiction is present, Nicole approaches the work from a place of acceptance and curiosity as she assists clients in exploring their relationship to substances and the role they play in their life.

Post graduate training included working with trauma at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York.  When trauma is present, Nicole brings a mindfulness approach and sensitivity, helping clients reconnect with their bodies learning to trust and honor themselves in each moment. 

In addition to her work with individuals and groups, Nicole hosts a podcast called “Work / Self.”  The show is a series of interviews exploring what we do and don’t reveal about our “real selves” at work.  She helps many clients navigate career changes and goals as part of their therapeutic work.